Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I visited Momspective today to read her random thoughts. They were very random and I enjoyed the randomness so much I thought I'd partake. Sinc e I seem to be scraping for inspiration lately on just about everything, these blog/Twitter nuances really help me find some material! The baby's napping so I'm unwinding now and will let my ADD run wild for a few minutes. Enjoy!

At the beginning of this post I accidentally titled it "Random Thoughts Thursday." Then I was sad that it's not Thursday, it's only Tuesday :( I've been working a lot lately. Going in early, coming home late, working from home. I'm not complaining, I guess it's good job security (which we all need right now). The baby was sleeping when I came home. Is it bad of me to hope that he sleeps just a little longer? I miss him, I want to play with him, but right now I just need to chill. *Enter loud clap of thunder* yeah, rain. Thanks for that... please don't wake the baby!

I just need a "me" day. I'm so busy doing things for and with everyone else, I don't have enough time to just be by myself, enjoying what I like to do. Every weekend is jam packed with action from wedding showers and grad parties to mud volleyball and getting together with friends. I love the time I get to spend when I'm with my family and friends. We're always laughing and having a good time but by Sunday night, I'm ready for a night off. Not only does it exhaust me, it gets my little guy off his routine.

I feel like I've been really lax on the routine thing lately. Bed time has been about the same, same meal time... I guess everything has been right on schedule. It just feels like I'm rushing through the days just to get them over with because I want to get to that one day off! I need to schedule a day. Just. For. Me. Mani, pedi, shop, layout in the sun, maybe get my haircut. An all day Mad Mom pamper-a-thon... wait... I have pamper-a-thons everyday... I mean an all day Mad Mom Indugle-fest! My husband wonders why I take such loooong showers. Well, that's the only place I get to be alone. Sure I drive home from work by myself. That doesn't count because there are all kinds of crazy a-holes on the road trying to make me spew out curse words. The shower is quiet. The sound of the water is relaxing. I can just veg.

Speaking of veg, I haven't been eating many veggies lately. That probably attributes to the fact that I feel so run down. You know that feeling like you're just weighed down by all the processed crap you eat all the time? That's the one. Maybe if I make time for more veggies, I'll feel a little lighter... if only it were that easy. If I ate more veggies, that'd mean I'd probably have to cook them and make something else to eat them with... I like to cook but my counter space consists of about 3 square feet. Not chef friendly.

Well, this post could be about five times longer, but I'll spare your eyeballs from having to read all that... and make you beg for more by stopping here! Don't worry. I have plenty of random thoughts to last me the life of this blog...

...and the baby just got up...