Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Did You Find Me?

So I was checking out some of my stats today and almost busted a gut laughing so hard at the keywords people found me with. I mean, it all makes sense when you think about what some of my posts are about, but take a look for yourself:

"large boobs" asian blog  - This must be a combination of this post (about how your boobs change with pregnancy) and my Wanchai Ferry Asian meals giveaway... very weird search query though....

am i traumatized - you might be if you read my blog regularly (this one's probably for the post "That One Time I Traumatized my Baby")

ever pooped with the door open?  - gotta be related to this post about comfort in your relationship

filling rubber pants with pee

is a always pad like a diaper - aren't they all? this post is more for actual diaper pads

mommy in rubber - that's just weird

pee pee rubber panties

"irritating in-laws" - bet this person was suprised when they saw my post actually described how much I love my in-laws!

in-laws are cheap - nothing I've written says that, but I thought it was funny :)

So, how did you find me?