Monday, August 23, 2010

gDiapers Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Karen! She's the lucky winner of our New Baby Bundle Giveaway sponsored by the very generous gDiapers!

You have 48 hours to claims your prize! Please email me at the email address found in my contact info to claim it!

Congrats and Thanks again to all who entered!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Dad Life

This was just too hilarious to not share!!! Enjoy! :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Be Green, Be Grateful, Be Genuine!

I was lucky enough to discover gDiapers four years ago when I had my son. When he was first born we used a big name brand diaper, I remember how much I hated changing his diaper to find those little gel crystals on his little bottom and boy parts.   I had looked into using cloth diapers, however living in an apartment it simply wasn’t cost effective.   I began searching the internet, there HAD to be another option.  That is when I found gDiapers, it was a disposable option, but also had cloth qualities. Flushable inserts that you have the option of flushing or even composting (just the wet ones please), and the ability to use cloth instead.  I ordered a starter pack and began stalking our mailman. 

When the diapers came I was so excited to strap them on to his little booty!  They were oh so cute, his little Grasshopper Green booty, complete with a g on the back, for Gabriel of course.  I soon realized the extra perks.  Only a few minutes in to our g-experience he had a blowout worthy number 2, one that would have warranted a wardrobe change in his previous diapers. I was perplexed, I HEARD it, but where was it?  It’s wasn’t leaking out the legs, it hadn’t gone up his back... I tentatively poked my finger into the waist band to confirm, yup, it was there, all in there, where it is supposed to be!  Amazing!  Then the diaper change came, that remarkably disgusting number two didn’t have to hang out in the nursery till trash day!   I simply took the flushable insert into the bathroom and ripped it, “swished” it, and flushed it.  It was gone!  No stinky ick in our apartment!  Over the next few weeks and months I appreciated our gDiapers more, for things like the Velcro being in the back, once I got used to it, it was much easier than the front Velcro, but way more difficult for his wandering hands to reach, no “look ma!  No diaper” moments for us!  Then when we were in a situation to not have to save quarter for laundry, we quickly figured out how to use prefolds inside our gPants while we were home, saving our flushies for outings.  It was clean, pure, simple and green, not chemicals on my little ones skin either!

Fast forward four years.  Number two (no not that kind), is about to make her appearance to the world.  I had began a small stash of cloth diapers, but I knew I want to use gDiapers again as well.  Right before we got pregnant with number two, gDiapers released their newest addition: tiny gPants, and oh man, were they CUTE!  A few changes from previous gPants, the liner didn’t snap in, it was built in.  I had to have them.  I had to buy them off a mom, who was no longer using hers because there was quite a large demand for them and they had been put on backorder.  Again I stalked our mail carrier.  I ordered flushies and was ready to go when they came, all of those tiny gPants were stuffed and waiting when Cordelia came home.  I really loved the tiny g’s, they had the features I loved about the regular little g’s, and then some.  I loved that they snapped down in the front to make room for her cord stump, it kept the diapers from rubbing on it and making it bleed.   The built in liner was also great, easy to clean.  I can’t lie I also love the cute “g word” print, not girly, not boyish (I am a mom that feels like anything that isn’t pink is too boyish too) just plain… well… baby! 

Another thing the wonderful folks at gDiapers have come out with since my son was in them, gCloth.  It is the companies very own version of our prefolds.  I found that while using prefolds in our gPants saved us money, it made the diapers bulky.  This time around we have gCloth as an option,   made with microfleece to pull the moisture away from your baby and a hemp/cotton fabric to absorb the moisture.  The microfleece is super soft on baby’s skin.  Also new to the gFamily are gStyles, oh so adorable gDiaper outfits!  One for girls and one for boys, and too cute for words!  This mama has been drooling over the gDarling dress set…  A truly picture worthy outfit!

I love gDiapers, not just the product, but the company.  I can’t speak highly enough of the people at gDiapers headquarters.  I have never had an unfriendly, below wonderful experience with them.  As a mom, and consumer that is a big deal to me.  If I do not have a good customer service experience, I simply find a way to live without your product (I drive an extra half hour to go to a theater other than Regal just because of a terrible experience).  I will tell you one thing, they are not lacking in that department.  They have someone that can answer any question or problem you might have, they stand by their product %110 percent, and because of that so do many of the parents that use gDiapers.   

I also appreciate that they are very environmentally friendly, not just the product, but down to shipping, using Green Shipping (see  Possibly my favorite thing about this company (and trust me it is impossible for me to pick one but this is up there), is the value they place in family “We have an on-site child development center. If mom needs to nurse or wants some playtime with her baby, gDiapers is set up to accommodate her needs. If a child is sick, by all means, go home. We hope everyone feels better soon. If dad wants to see Jr. in the school talent show in the middle of the day, he has our blessing. In fact, we may come with him. “ if that doesn’t sum it up, then I don’t know what does!  If only I could talk my husband into moving to Portland…

I know that sometimes we post snippets (yeah I said snippets) from the company’s website, but I want you to go check it out, I will give you a quiz on it later… Kind of… 
No blog is complete without a picture or two… I want to share mine.  

Baby Bunny hanging out in her Tiny g

Lets kick it old school with Gabe back in the day sporting his green gDiaper, and baby love handles.  (This picture was actually used for a Kiddie Kandids ad campaign. Just to throw out a mom brag)

I feel really lucky that I came across this product, and this company.  Now I want YOU to get to know them!  I contacted Michelle at gHeadquarters and they have been generous enough to donate a New Baby Bundle to one lucky reader!  One VERY lucky reader!  I am actually jealous of whoever wins this, and my baby can’t even fit in them!

So let’s get down to it shall we? Time for the Quiz!

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