Monday, June 29, 2009

First Words

There are so many milestones when you're raising a baby. I couldn't even have imagined how proud I'd feel when my baby rolled over for the first time. Bursting with excitement and pride I couldn't wait to tell EVERYONE I knew... or even people I didn't know.

My 7 month old son said his first word this weekend. It was "mama!" My heart melted! Every time I hear him say it I can't help but smile. I love hearing him say "mama." Ma Ma Ma Maaammmaaammmm.... or whatever crazy amalgamation of mommy he prefers.

It's also weird to think that my baby is talking to me. I cherish the days when all he did was squeak. Then it was the constant screaming/grunting sound. That was not a fun two weeks. I felt so guilty for just wanting him to be quiet! There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He just found his voice and was practicing using it. Glad that didn't last too long.

And now he's saying a word. Like a real person... I mean a bigger person. How did this time go so fast? I don't know what "normal" is for a baby to start talking. I'm sure every mom feels like it's too soon, but at the same time feels so proud that her baby can understand and try to speak language. I don't think you can define "normal." Regardless of the situation, everyone is different. Some babies don't talk until they're a year old, and some skip crawling and go right to walking. I would be lying if I said I never thought to myself "I wonder if that's normal." But then I just have to forget about who defines what normal is...

Messy Mom's Club

I stumbled upon an article about Ohio's messiest mom on the internet today. I was afraid to read it because I thought it might be about me! I had a random burst of energy and purpose yesterday. The house was quiet, my husband and baby were napping so I thought it'd be a good time to clean out my bedroom. Isn't it sad that at 25 years old, I have a family, my own home and still manage to trash my room? I don't know if you would say it's trashed, but I like to have all my daily necessities at my disposal without having to pull them out of a drawer or cabinet every morning and evening. I put away my hair supplies, tidied up my dresser, and finally got around to weeding out all of my old clothes in my closet.

The messiest mom had her home organized by the Style network. After they dove into the closet (how they found it, I have no idea) they pulled out over 200 blazers!! That's 200 suit coats! How could you possibly need more than 5, let alone 200!! This story made my think of myself. I think she had a hoarding habit that got out of control. I call myself a pack rat but this goes above and beyond. While I was searching for a home for my commencement regalia, I didn't know if I should just part with the cap and gown and keep the tassle or just keep everything. After all, you never know when I'll want to look back and wear my regalia again... What am I thinking?

Ok, maybe I don't have a hoarding problem, but I think about every little thing that may mean something to me someday and think "I should hang on to this." Where do you draw the line? I keep clothes that I'll never wear again either because they're too big (I always hold on to the smaller ones with a sliver of hope that they'll fit some day soon) or maybe I'll want to wear it next season. Well we all know that's not going to happen. So I broke down and filled a big garbage bag with the ugly orange button up that I hate wearing but is so good to have around when you run out of options. Wait there's that rationalization again...

Throw it out! I have the commencement tassle, pictures and memories. Tons of other shirts to wear... Isn't that enough? I think it's time to rid my life of all the unnessary junk that I keep around just because "someday I'll want/need it" or you may see the messiest Mad Mom on that list next year!