Monday, June 29, 2009

First Words

There are so many milestones when you're raising a baby. I couldn't even have imagined how proud I'd feel when my baby rolled over for the first time. Bursting with excitement and pride I couldn't wait to tell EVERYONE I knew... or even people I didn't know.

My 7 month old son said his first word this weekend. It was "mama!" My heart melted! Every time I hear him say it I can't help but smile. I love hearing him say "mama." Ma Ma Ma Maaammmaaammmm.... or whatever crazy amalgamation of mommy he prefers.

It's also weird to think that my baby is talking to me. I cherish the days when all he did was squeak. Then it was the constant screaming/grunting sound. That was not a fun two weeks. I felt so guilty for just wanting him to be quiet! There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He just found his voice and was practicing using it. Glad that didn't last too long.

And now he's saying a word. Like a real person... I mean a bigger person. How did this time go so fast? I don't know what "normal" is for a baby to start talking. I'm sure every mom feels like it's too soon, but at the same time feels so proud that her baby can understand and try to speak language. I don't think you can define "normal." Regardless of the situation, everyone is different. Some babies don't talk until they're a year old, and some skip crawling and go right to walking. I would be lying if I said I never thought to myself "I wonder if that's normal." But then I just have to forget about who defines what normal is...


JosiahsMommy said...

Isn't it such a great feeling?! I remember when Josiah said Mama to me at around that age. Melt my heart! It only gets better from here.

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