Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Haircut Jitters

My child is starting to look like a raggamuffin. He had a full head of beautiful dark hair when he was born. As the months passed, those dark locks lightened up to a bright cheerful blonde. Then he went through the balding phase. You know, that phase when all they do is lay there and move their head right and left. He had a mohawk. All the cute little locks on the top of his head stayed right in place as the hair from the sides and back rubbed off.

Now those locks are a little long. If I put him in pink, I'm sure you'd think my baby was a girl. Ok, maybe I'm just a picky mom, but it's getting long. I keep thinking about how badly he needs a haircut. He's so squirmy I don't think he'll ever be able to get a trim! He is in constant motion. I feel as though I'm diapering a monkey sometimes. Arms, legs, hands, feet, everywhere! He won't hold still. Not to change a diaper, not to put his shoes on... nothing!

What's a mom to do? I've read article after article claiming they've got the tips and tricks to keep your baby occupied for their first haircut. Give him a toy? Yeah, that'll get old in about 30 seconds....

So now I just have to wait and see how long I can stand his hair to be before I take the plunge and try to get his haircut!