Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I'm Excited to Stay Home With My Family This Coming Weekend

There are so many reason! I will have to try to narrow it down! We spend so much time away from home that getting a weekend at home is like a treat!

10. It's FREE - how can you beat that?
9. Baby is saying "mama" now. I can't hear it enough - a whole weekend's worth will be fantastic!
8. Get the grocery shopping done (as opposed to stopping at the store 50 times during the week). AWESOME custom list generator with Cozi - Wooo drag and drop. Can't get easier than that!
7. I can hide this goose egg of a misquito bite that I have on my forehead. (even my neighbor said "that's huge!")
6. Get around to finally doing those cute little baby foot prints and hand prints stamps (8 months later)
5. We can relax in our jammies and have breakfast for dinner!
4. Grandma's will get a break from babysitting - Wonder what they're top 10 reasons they're excited Mad Mom is staying home with her family are... :)
3. My favorite memories as a child were those nights we'd all stay in and get munchies (particularly cheesies) and watch TV together. Maybe baby is too young for a pajama party but we can try! I'm gonna get more Gerber Rice Puffs and a Disney movie or two!
2.Eight months has flown by and I cherish the weekends we get to spend together.

...and the number one reason I can't wait to stay home with my family this weekend...

1. Eight months have gone fast. I remember when I was in 6th grade they would post our class lists at school and we'd go up there every summer to see who was in our class next year. When I got out of the car I told my dad to "go away" and it really hurt his feelings because I didn't "want to be seen with my daddy." I know that some day baby won't want mom around all the time, and won't want me to be giving him kisses and hugs. I have to take it all in while I can. My friend had her baby yesterday. To look at his little picture and think about how far away those days seem even though they were only 8 months ago makes me sad.

Stop. Live life. Love your family.

Now everyone, PLEASE leave me comments!!!!!


Well, maybe not "beatle" exactly... I went outside to chill with the neighbors. Got a big ol' glass of Riesling to cure my pissy mood. Drank, drank some more. Halfway through the glass I decide I better go in because the mosquitoes are having a Mad Mom smorgasbord. Get in side, take a couple more swigs. The lights are off. The TV hits the glass in just the right light. FREAKING MISQUITO IN MY WINE!!!

So, do I dump the oh so delicious stress buster, or skim the bug out and keep on drinkin? It's sad that this is such a dilemma...

"black fly in your chardonay...."


Drained... of everything... When you're a mom, actually even when you're not a mom, you're drained. Life goes so fast, we get through one day, just to get through another. When do we take a time out and stop. You work for money, you make money to live, you live to... what do you live for? Your children? You need to work for money to live for your children. The circle continues.

The expenses of motherhood are quickly catching up with me. Going through way more formula, the 75 cent step 3 foods twice a day. Cheerios. Damn expensive Gerber Graduates (seriously, they're like $4 for a couple handfuls of stuff). Box of diapers twice a week. Babysitter. Clothes. The list just keeps going. We live comfortably, but there's always room for more income, especially when you have a family. Luckily I have a great job where I have the opportunity to earn bonus pay- so the more work I do, the more I make. Great. I'm a work-a-holic.

Work from home, work on weekends here and there, work early. Never stay late! Thanks to childcare I need to get out at a reasonable time to get the bambino. But still, I've been working very hard lately. I have a descent salary. But I still can't wait for that bonus. All the extra resources, such as time and energy are put toward earning that extra income. That leaves little time and energy to spend that extra income. You'd think. Amazing how fast it goes.

I'm trying to get a little nest egg built up because I will soon have to pay off my Godforsaken student loans. This little nest egg is a nice little cushion to pad me from financial dispair when I'm paying back the sickening amounts of money to the federal government financial aid people. Bastards. It's great that everyone has the opportunity to go to college with federal money, but they seriously expect someone just out of college, who has a family and a mortgage in this economy to pay $400 a month in student loans? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I worked so hard for my education, and now I'm going to be working hard to pay off that education. Nevermind that I have a child to feed. Nevermind that maybe I'd like to spend some of my hard earned money on something I might like for myself.

Drained... financially, physically, emotionally, and now socially.

I've been feeling awefully detached from reality lately. That's a whole other blog post... I feel like I'm closed into this tiny little Mad Mom world or work and home, work and home. Don't get to be with my girlfriends much- I always have something to do... I enjoy myself when I get out and enjoy the people that I'm with but it's hard to find time for even my best friends and my family.

Eh, I don't know... thanks for listening to me vent. Your comments always cheer me up....