Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitty Prize Pack

It seems appropriate that this review comes on the heels on my kitty being sick. I am the proud pet parent to two cats, both boys, and both playful. About four years ago my cat, Dusty, who I've had since he was a kitten, got deathly ill. He was lethargic, unable to urinate, and not eating. After taking him to the emergency vet, we quickly learned that he had a common condition called feline cystitis which translates to pretty much a bladder obstruction. This condition, if left untreated, can ultimately lead to death. I'm so thankful my little kitty cat is back to his happy playful self again and am excited to extend this fabulous kitty prize pack from My Blog Spark and 9Lives.

A survey of feline pet parents across the country commissioned by 9Lives found that an overwhelming 94 percent of cat owners are confident they feed their felines the most nutritious meals possible. However, nearly half (48 percent) admit they’ve fed their cats table scraps – which do not provide the essential nutrients cats need – an average seven times per month. Additionally, only 30 percent know that giving your cat milk may not be a healthy practice due to the common incidence of lactose intolerance in adult cats.

Additional findings include:

* 23% of American pet parents think it’s beneficial to keep their cats on a purely vegetarian diet, while actually it may be harmful

* There are a number of foods that feline parents assume are healthy for cats, but are actually not advantageous to their health including root vegetables (73%), green tomatoes (54%), and raw potatoes (50%)

* Nine out of ten feline pet parents would be willing to switch foods if they knew it would provide better nutrition. In fact:

o 92% of cat owners would switch foods if it would improve their cat’s health, and

o 91% would switch food if they could add years onto their feline’s life

In an effort to educate pet parents about the common misconceptions of proper cat nutrition, 9Lives is committed to raising awareness to this issue by providing advanced nutrition for all cats. With the 9Lives Advanced Nutrient System, feline parents everywhere can rest assured knowing their cats are getting the essential nutrients they need to help promote healthy skin and coat, strong muscle growth and a healthy immune system among other benefits.

Give your kitty some love and enter to win a fun-filled prize pack courtesy of My Blog Spark and 9Lives! The prize pack includes toys to keep your cat entertained, magnetic frames, and a 9Lives dry food scoop/bag clip.

Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment and tell me about your pets! Names, funny things they do, do they get along with your kids? Anything! :)
Contest ends Monday, September 27th at 11:59 pm EST.  
**9Lives provided the product, information, and prize packs through MyBlogSpark.