Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well today's random thoughts were mysteriously deleted from my "to edit" list... nice...

My little baby was actually crying for Mama from his bed yesterday morning. It was the cutest thing ever. Then on the way home from the sitter last night, I saw him from the rearview mirror waving his hand at me and saying "haaaaaa." It was SO cute! I love it! It's those little things that happen everyday that make me love being a mom. Everything he does. It's just so cool to watch him learn.

My little man is a little monkey. He's so strong for 10 months. He's walking. Not too steadily yet, but he can get in a good 12 - 14 steps before he needs to sit down (or tumble down). This is another reason he needs to wear a helmet. It used to be that he was just so wild that he'd fling himself into the side of the changing table or hard spot of the couch (I still don't know how he managed to do that). A helmet with a faceguard.

He was walking at my in-laws' house today and was making it quite far, so I just let him go. And of course he stopped in the doorway and fell at just the right angle to knock his noggin on the side of the door frame. He had a line shapped goose egg that turned black and blue. Luckily his bangs covered it up and you couldn't really see it after the swelling went down.

Last week he had a bruise on his nose for a while. He was smart enough to pull down the mobile above his crib and take it apart. Like a little engineer he dismantled each peace and wove the part holding the animals at me like a victory flag when I walked into the room.

He's such a little stinker...