Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

My kid needs a helmet. How do you think it would look for me to have a helmet on my baby at all times? He bangs his head on everything. He's so wild he sat up (suddenly) and smacked his little forehead right on the changing table. In the bathtub, same thing. "Joshua, sit down.... Joshua, sit down! Sit DOWN, Joshua!" Bonk! Even with my hands braced around him to prevent him from slipping. He stands up, I put him down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Constant. He usually loves bath time but today is another story all around. I put him in the tub. He started screaming as if there were molton lava coming out of the faucet. The water was even on the cool side because it's hot in here. So I splashed around a little to show him that this was indeed the same place he has been to everyother night for the last nine months. It worked. Then out of nowhere, another scream. He shoots up, throws his hands around my neck and looks at me with that "mommy, save me!" look. Great... that phase...

He usually goes to bed pretty good, too. Not tonight. He's up there screaming his little head off. I'll go back up in a few minutes to calm him down, but he's staying up there. He sounds like an angry cat. I used to be able to just give him his bottle or put on his music and he'd be fine. I'm now listening to the sounds of the crib jumping around. How does this super human nine month old baby manage to move the crib? He's a freak of nature. I went up there. Calmed him down. He immediately blew his nose on my shirt... The second I walked away, he was screaming again.

Wait, it's quiet now... (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

Did you child go through this "mommy, I need you" phase? How long did it last? What are some ways to ease the neediness (if there even are any)?