Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Getting Old is Weird

Hey look my ghost post inspired a story on Mother's Click!

Getting older is weird. Yesterday I pulled out my second ever gray hair. I pulled it out and examined it. You know, to make sure it really was gray and not one of my highlights. It was actually a beautiful gleaming piece of silver hair. It's funny that I'm describing it so lovingly. Some people just have really beautiful silver hair. Not gray but silver or snow white. I worked in a nursing home for 7 years of my life and have seen some gorgeous "old lady" hair. I didn't feel the same way with my first gray hair. I think it was about a year ago. I saw it in the mirror while I was at work. I probably shed a single tear. I was 24- waaaay too early for gray! But I hear that's not the case. I'm just glad I hadn't sprouted another until just now.

It's also weird to see the guys you've known forever show signs of aging. Some of them have thinning hair. I caught myself looking at a man my age the other day. Just staring at what would soon be his bald spot. That must really suck. Women bald too, though its not as common as it is for men, I couldn't imagine waking up with piles of hair on my pillow.

Women sag and droop. We get sad and have to cover up our gray hair. What is it about men that makes them look so distinguished with gray hair? Is it our "natural" instict. That instinct that tells us to marry a man who can provide and take care of the family - back to the cavemen roots? The same roots that tell men to marry younger women. The instict that says "I need to reproduce and this young female can do it for me." Hmmm.... thoughts to ponder.

I took a social psychology class in college about 5 years ago. Strange that this is all just seeping out of my brain now.. What do you think?