Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm No Photographer

So my little man is 18 months now... Well, actually he's almost 19 months. Time is flying so fast! He's a very active boy, constantly on the go! This age is so much fun. He's learning something new, it seems like everyday. As he's growing out of his baby looks and beginning to look more like a little boy, I try to take so many pictures.

Looking back, I probably have hundreds of pictures from birth through about 11 months. After 11 months, he got really good at running. Therefore, I have very few photos of him actually looking at the camera. Something always grabs his attention. Such a little explorer. We've tried fun noises, toys, and practically everything we could think of to get our guy to smile for the camera. Nothing has worked. He holds a smile for a millisecond, then by the time the camera snaps the shot, he's looked away. This results in many, many photos like this one:

While of course I still love the pictures, it sure would be nice to capture one with him looking at the camera. I want to see his smile with those big blue eyes all lit up. The only pictures I have of him at my desk are from when he was 11 months and younger. I see the side of his head all the time. I want to see that smiling face when I'm at work.

This same problem holds true for my video camera.  While I'm not trying to capture him in a still position, he's quite intrigued with the camera itself. He did the cutest thing today, so I whipped out the video camera. He realized this right away and stopped talking on the phone (well, he thought he was) saying "hi, Daddy!" But of course he stopped right away and I have nothing to show my husband when he gets home from work :(

Hopefully he'll grow out of this soon so I can take lots and lots of pictures of that adorable smiling face!