Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's the Little Things

As a mom there are so many milestones we look forward to. Much like the way we used to imagine our weddings, we now imagine our babies taking their first steps and saying words. These huge developmental monuments are so important, but now that we're going through this whole "raising a child" thing, there are other moments that make life so much sweeter as a Mom.

Josh lifted up my shirt the other day while I was slouched on the couch. Lifted just enough to see my yucky mommy tummy and said "ooohhhhhhh." Of course, my initial thought was "what's that supposed to mean?!" But then I remembered he's just a baby and wouldn't know the difference... I still made it a point to inform him that his gigantic self did that!

My son took his diaper off for the first time. Luckily there wasn't any poop in it!

Went into the bedroom one morning to get him up and thought he got into a chocolate bar. But how would he do that if he's in his crib? This diaper had poop in it. A lot of poop. It was everywhere... gross...

Somehow this little person who's only been alive for 12 months has studied his parents so closely that today he went over to the remote, picked it up, aimed it up at the TV (it sits on our mantle) and clicks! When the channel changed he said "OOOOOooooooooo!" Typical male...

He amazes me. My new favorite thing is watching him stack. He likes to stack his blocks, his cups, anything that will stack. It's so cute! Another new thing is taking the back "chair" part off his little Mickey Mouse car and trying to put it back on. There are two pegs he has to get into relatively small holes. He pulls it out, puts it back in, pulls it out, all over again.

And the babbling. I love the babbling. It's almost like he's speaking another language that sounds remotely familiar. (perhaps because I've spoken that language before?) He says things and it sounds like he's saying something that totally makes sense but he's not. He comes into a room and says, "Hi guys!" Or drops something and picks it up saying, "I got it." I always reply back because I want him to keep on talkin'!

I love the millions of little moments that make motherhood one big milestone.

Wordless Wednesday: New Year Baby!

My New Years Baby - ok he's not new this year, but at a month old - last year just wouldn't have worked out!