Saturday, September 19, 2009

Death of a Crackberry Addict

Being a mother means making sacrafices. Social life, wardrobe, and yes, even technology. Today I reluctantly walked into the Verizon Wireless store with tears in my eyes and made the decision to turn off my Blackberry. I know, I know - teary eyed? You're thinking "you cried over a Blackberry?" Yes, I did. There's a reason they call it a Crackberry you  know. It's a strong addiction that we have to face.

One day after a unusually busy morning, I realized I forgot my phone at home. Oh no! I didnt' have time to turn around and get it. I'd certainly be late to work if I did. The entire day, I kept glancing down to see the empty spot on my desk mocking me with "you really want to see if you have a Blackberry Messenger message right now, don't you?" or "you have 5 new emails, you wish you could see them on your phone right now, huh?" Yes, I really, really would. But I would have to rely on the age-old technology of the PC and internet connection.

How will I get through life without having Twitter at my finger tips? Will I become disconnected from Facebook like I was before I got my Blackberry? I do have the internet at home so I will need to re-teach myself to actually go sit at the computer for a while. I hate that. After working at a computer all day, there's nothing more boring than sitting at a computer again.

I have other priorities in my life right now that need my 45 Blackberry data-plan dollars. My son is growing and eating me out of house and home. My best friend is getting married and I have the honor of being in her wedding. And to top it off, I have to begin paying back the obscene amounts of student loans I have lingering in my not-so-distant future. *sigh*

In retrospect it's all worth it. I have my priorities and my Blackberry just doesn't fit in. I'll miss you dear friend. You've provided me entertainment with your Brick Breaker game, fun with the Facebook app, and of course a combination of both fun and entertainment with Twitter Berry. Rest in peace in my desk drawer until we meet again.