Sunday, August 9, 2009

Holy Crap a Women's Show!

My friend just filled me in this weekend that the Cleveland Women's Show is coming up! The funny thing is, it was a guy friend that had the details. :)

I'm so excited! This event just happens to be the same weekend as my sister-in-law's wedding (Sept 11 - 13), but I definitely think I'm going to have to try to go. Nothin like a little hangover and girly stuff after a wild and crazy wedding the night before. The best part about this show (aside from the oodles of beauty, health, and fashion goodies us gals can try) is the Cleveland’s Local 93 Firefighter Fashion Shows.

Seriously, click through that link and tell me that doesn't look fun!! Woooooo! And of course all of the steamy fashion show proceeds go to the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children program that supports Metro's burn unit. Double bonus- hot guys (who just happen to be wearing firefighters' uniforms) AND benefitting the children!

And, if you care, Kate Gosselin will be there to sign autographs. Seriously- for what? I'm a mother, want my autograph?? There will be cooking challenges, fashion shows, and get this- a Spa on Wheels!! How awesome is that!?

I'm so excited for this event. Looks like pre-ordered tickets are a dollar off ($9 total). If you live in the Cleveland area or not too far away, I highly suggest you make the drive. I think it'll be tons of fun!