Thursday, September 10, 2009


My sanctuary, the place where I clean and refresh, has literally become someone's toilet. We began bathtime with the usual. I started the water and let him splash around and play first. While the water was just starting to cover his legs, I noticed something had sprung a leak. So in order to avoid bathing my child in his own urine I drained the tub, sanitized and started the process all over again. While the tub was filling I was thinking about how easy bathtime is now. There will be a day when he fights with me or screams the whole way through or even poops in the tub.

He splashed around as usual then daddy came home and he showed him how he splashes. Next it was time to wash up. Head to toe. Stood him up and started washing his face. Moved down his arms, then belly. Just when I was scrubbing his little hands he paused and made a familiar grunt. Immediately I said "you better not be trying to poop!" As if he understood every word.



Ah! He pooped in the tub! The little turds floated in the water taunting me. My first thought was now my son is standing in toilet water. I flipped up the drain while my husband grabbed our showerhead (thank God it's removeable) to scrub him and spary him off. I got the lovely task of sanitizing. Yay.

Lessons learned:
1. Nothing is sacred after you have children.

2. There will always be someone to poop in your theoretical toilet.


Alexandra said...

Hilarious! This just happened to me for the first time the other day. I was bathing our little guy (11 months) and all of a sudden I saw something float by. I went into a state of panic... did not know what to do! I quickly picked him up with one hand, scooped the poop out with the other (yuck!) since it would not fit down the drain and swiftly moved to our quest bathroom. Oh the joys of motherhood!!

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