Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad: Digital Feminine Hygiene Product?

Some of you may or may not have heard Apple has released their latest technology the iPad. The newest craze in the consumer technology industry was released yesterday. This device has an App store, browser, able to play games, download books, and much much more.

The technology and concept behind the product is cool. It pretty much resembles a giant iPhone or iPod Touch. No, I'm not going to review this new gadget in this post, but I will post the question: Who the hell approved this product name?

Was it Apple's objective to create such a stir around the name of the product that it forces even those who wouldn't think twice about the new product (like me) to talk and blog about it? If so, well done, Apple. If not, major name fail. After the initial buzz, the number 3 trending topic (third most tweeted about topic in the world) on Twitter was the word "iTampon." Perhaps this is due to the fact that iPad sounds like a digital era feminine hygiene product.

In 2006, MadTV did a skit call the iPad. The cast of MadTV was channeling Nastradamus the day this skit aired.