Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I'm Glad I Don't Have to Pay For

Times are tough. Not just here, but everywhere. That little traffic incident last month cost me $300 that I was not happy to see go. After kissing my hard earned $300 away (well, it was technically $295 - $100 deductible for my crinkled up car and a $195 ticket), I started thinking of all the material thinkgs I was glad I didn't have to pay for. Yeah, as a mom you can say, "I love that those little giggles are free and can get them anytime I want." The best things in life are free, but there are things in life that keep us sane and this is my short list:

Top Things I'm Glad I Don't Have to Pay For:

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Email account
  • Paying bills online
  • Twitter
  • Blogging - could pay, but I'm cheap and I'll stick with my BlogSpot.
  • Grey's Anatomy - or CSI, or Flash Forward. Prime Time TV has so much to offer me to escape reality
  • Showering- yes, there's a water bill, but a fee per minute or fee per shower would make showering far less relaxing
  • Wasting time watching funny videos on YouTube
  • Listening to Pandora
What did I miss? When trying to think of all the material things we can get without having to pay, I really couldn't think of any. My list makes me happy though. I would be sorely disappointed if these things cost me a per use fee. Could you imagine the bill you'd rack up with a fee-per-Tweet? Or fee-per-status update on Facebook?  No thanks!