Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I'm Excited to Stay Home With My Family This Coming Weekend

There are so many reason! I will have to try to narrow it down! We spend so much time away from home that getting a weekend at home is like a treat!

10. It's FREE - how can you beat that?
9. Baby is saying "mama" now. I can't hear it enough - a whole weekend's worth will be fantastic!
8. Get the grocery shopping done (as opposed to stopping at the store 50 times during the week). AWESOME custom list generator with Cozi - Wooo drag and drop. Can't get easier than that!
7. I can hide this goose egg of a misquito bite that I have on my forehead. (even my neighbor said "that's huge!")
6. Get around to finally doing those cute little baby foot prints and hand prints stamps (8 months later)
5. We can relax in our jammies and have breakfast for dinner!
4. Grandma's will get a break from babysitting - Wonder what they're top 10 reasons they're excited Mad Mom is staying home with her family are... :)
3. My favorite memories as a child were those nights we'd all stay in and get munchies (particularly cheesies) and watch TV together. Maybe baby is too young for a pajama party but we can try! I'm gonna get more Gerber Rice Puffs and a Disney movie or two!
2.Eight months has flown by and I cherish the weekends we get to spend together.

...and the number one reason I can't wait to stay home with my family this weekend...

1. Eight months have gone fast. I remember when I was in 6th grade they would post our class lists at school and we'd go up there every summer to see who was in our class next year. When I got out of the car I told my dad to "go away" and it really hurt his feelings because I didn't "want to be seen with my daddy." I know that some day baby won't want mom around all the time, and won't want me to be giving him kisses and hugs. I have to take it all in while I can. My friend had her baby yesterday. To look at his little picture and think about how far away those days seem even though they were only 8 months ago makes me sad.

Stop. Live life. Love your family.

Now everyone, PLEASE leave me comments!!!!!


Staci said...

Time goes by so quickly! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family! I posted my 10 reasons too, if you'd like to stop by!

boomermom said...

You're gonna love this weekend! He's such a sweetie-pie! Making memories are the most important things you can do with your little one! You're won't be long and he'll be off doing his own thing on the weekends - you'll be lucky to get an hour with him!

Anonymous said...

I can't say my weekend will be as relaxing, but taking the little guy to tot baseball (if it doesn't rain again) will be fun. At age 3, one real practice and the time in the yard with dad I think he's already better than me!

Anonymous said...

I have a super busy weekend. It includes work blllaaaaa

Julie said...

I agree with you! These are the kind of weekends we all need sometimes. And who could resist spending the weekend with that adorable little baby of yours? Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt love Disney movies on a quiet saturday night?!?! That sounds like a good plan to me..

P.S. this is mar, but the computer wouldnt let me log under anything else!!

silverhartgirl said...

awww you cant miss a mama that is such a cute word.Have a great weekend.
When you have time come look at my top 10 list.

Christine said...

Enjoy your weekend....time goes by way too fast...take a moment to make the good times last! :o)

Anonymous said...

Yea - I like relaxing weekends. They are underrated! :)

Anonymous said...

I love relaxing weekends! sometimes you need to relax and reflect on whats important in your life. Hope your weekend was relaxing!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great weekend watching Disney movies with your family. Enjoy those special times. Your little one is growing up to quickly. I love you! Mom B.

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