Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Empty Canvas

There are so many things that metaphor can mean. Not in this case. This post is actually about an empty canvas. My husband has been working in the evening and the baby goes to take his evening nap around 6 so I sit here, bored... I need a hobby. I used to be very into art. Way back in high school I took drawing, painting, ceramics, you name it. I need some sort of creative outlet. My blog, sure that's great and I love it. But there's something about creating something out of nothing. Turning a block of clay into a story and transforming a blank sheet of paper into colorful conversation. I need that.

I looked around online and couldn't really find what I was looking for. I had hoped to be able to paint little figurines or something. My imagination has been at an all time low. If I had something to paint, I'd have to be able to think of something, right? Well, no such luck. So I ran off to JoAnn Fabric and got some canvas paper. I thought "maybe I'll just paint." Period. Knowing that would take a little imagination and creativity I was apprehensive to spend the ten treehouse dollars (that's a Now & Then reference!) on canvas paper.

Once we were home, baby went down for his evening nap and I started to attempt to tap into my creative roots. I stared. And stared. And stared some more at the black canvas in front of me. Nothing... Where did it go? Why at the supposed pinnacle of my life, where I have more than ever to be inspired about, I have nothing? I started looking around my house just to get ideas of shapes and lines and colors. Deciding to just go the abstract route, I mixed colors that would hopefully transform my canvas into a masterpiece. Red, orange, a little yellow, some brown to tone it down to an "earthy" hue. Everything I mixed looked like something I'd find in my son's diaper. EVERYTHING! Even the greens and blues, yellows and peach... all turned into a fecal color!

Maybe that's my inspiration. My baby touches every aspect of my life so all that will come out of my brain is literally, poop. Stay tuned for "Starry Night" the 'brown' version... NOT! (whoa did I just age myself by using "not" after a fictional sentence? At least I didn't say "PSYCH!")

Anyone have any ideas of fun things to make? I'd love some suggestions!


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