Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At It Again... Or Not...

It's happened again... writer's block... which is weird because I have so many things that go on in this brain of mine. Everything about health care reform and societal rudeness to cool things I've seen or tried recently.

So I'm asking you, dear readers, what do you want? Do you have some sort of challenge for me? Want to hear more stories about my little one? More about my weekend festivities? Inspire me!

I mean, I guess I could write a post about how Josh is getting another tooth in... but that's about it. I mean, how do I elaborate on that??



Christine said...

I too suffer frequently...IF you want to stop by my blog and look on the right column. You will see I have a list of MeMe Madness ideas. I'm trying to find themes for every day of the week. Hopefully this might help you. It always gets my creative juices flowing. Good luck... :o)

NeCole@Eclectic Ecstasy said...

I've struggled with writer's block off and on for the past month and it's really frustrating because I have been writing my blog since August 23. I can only attribute it to how busy I've become since then. Daily tasks and family needs have seemingly tripled. So maybe you are just busier? Like Christine, I keep a list of story ideas--an excel spreadsheet--and add to it when I can. I currently have enough to take me well into next year. It just seems daunting to find time to sit down and flesh them out.
What I'd like to read on your site...I already love your site, but I always enjoy hearing interesting stories from the past. So if you have something compelling, funny, tragic or life changing from your past, you'd get my attention pretty quick. I believe those types of stories give more depth to the personality of a blogger.

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