Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween is Approaching!

Yes, I am aware that it's only the beginning of September but I can't help myself from thinking about Halloween already! I love Halloween. It's during fall which just happens to be my favorite season. You get to decorate in the most gorgeous golds, oranges, reds and browns. And one night a year, you can dress like a complete whore and pass it off as a "costume."

In lieu of the "complete whore" look, I like to dress up as something fun, semi-original, and even just a little bit sexy. Hey, it's one night a year. I was nine months pregnant last year when we went to our friends' costume party. You can only imagine how much fun that was. No costume, no beers. I just pulled up a chair next to the buffet and grazed all night. Well, at least until 10:00. Then I decided it was passed this mama's bed time.

The year before I decided it'd be way more fun and cost effective to make my own costume. This was one of the first years we actually going to a real costume party. There would be cash prizes for the best costumes. I chose Medusa. You don't see a whole lot of Medusa these days. She has incredible powers- turning men into stone... who wouldn't want that power every now and then?

After a couple hours of crafty work, I was all made up. When we go to the party, we were greeted by all sorts of characters. In our crowd we had Little Bow Peep, Cleopatra, Julious Ceasar, Nurse Lauren, the crackhead guy from the Chappelle Show, V for Vendetta, and Flavor Flave turned Armenian mobster. Others like God's gift to women (our friend wrapped as a gift that said "To: Women, From: God), and varisous skanky costumes flooded the party.

When it came time to vote, Teen Wolf deservedly took first place. That was a great costume. Then Pot Man  came in second. Seriously? A grown man dressed as a marijuana leaf won a prize? What kind of party was this? Then my hand-crafted getup came in fourth. I was proud that I was the only winner who actually made their costume. Er, wait, I didn't win... Oh well, close enough.

I'm looking for great costume ideas for this year. I'm thinking Poison Ivy from the Batman comics but want to get some others before I start putting it together. What are some great costumes you've worn or seen someone else in? Going to any costume parties this year?


Carrie @ Who Knew? said...

Sorry I can't help. I've always wanted to do cool costumes but I've never actually followed through. My dream is to have my boyfriend, a couple of his friends and I do it up as Ghostbusters (I, of course, would be the ever gorgeous, sexy Dana Barrett). Plus my little Pie could be Slimer. Seriously how cute would that be? Now if only I could get it together.

Carrie said...

Holy cow! I just remembered I was a pin-up girl a couple of years ago. It was easy and cute. I just wore a very short black skirt, thigh-high hose with a garter, shiny red heels and a silk white shirt that I tied under my boobs. Of course that was pre-baby. Oh beautiful flat stomach why did you leave me?

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