Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Rocks

There are certain people in your life who can, no matter what you're going through, make you feel like yourself again. Those people are my rocks. They hold me up when I feel like everything has been pulled out from under me. They make me laugh when I need it. They remind me of the person I am when I don't feel like myself. I'm so blessed to have such a great group of people to lean on.

We have a great time no matter where we are or what we're doing. I'm kind of the shy one. It may just take a couple beers or margaritas for me to let my guard down and just have fun. Not these girls. They don't care what anyone thinks. Yes, we are those girls who always look like they're having the time of their lives even though we're at the "hillbilly bar" down the street and there are only 8 other people there.

Every girl should have such a close-knit group of girlfriends. We have been friends for years. We were there for the first day of high school, through break ups, in eachothers' weddings, been there for the birth of our first children. I am even priveledged enough to be a Godmother to this beautiful little girl. They keep my grounded. Whenever we "call in reinforcements" someone always knows when to bring the wine and open their ears because someone needs a long bitch/vent session.

I have so much to say about them, that I can't even get it all out in clear well written thoughts. We have a long 12 year history that would just be too long to write out. So I'll just close here. I hope you all have friends that you can count on. Friends that whenever you call on them, they know when to tell you "you're being a bitch, get over it," or "what an A$$hole, it's not you."
From Left to Right:

Rachel - She's my Rach-face. She's a crazy funny girl who always makes me laugh. She has the biggest most compassionate heart.

Lauren - She's sarcastic, always late, and a good listener. We love blasting the Chicago soundtrack in the car and driving around until "Cellblock Tango" is over. Yes, we met in high school in chior. We are dorks and love it.

Mary - She's the "ring leader." Haha! She's always been known to put someone in their place. But always appropriately!

Then there's me. But you already know all about me :)


*MaR* said...

LoVe YoU!! :D

Lauren said...

We are dorks and I don't care. Luv you girl!!

Rachel said...

You just made me cry with this-I am seriously having the busiest day at work and am just not feeling well at all....thanks for putting my smile back onto my face :D Luv you!!

I need a drink very SOON...

Christine said...

Such a nice post! Nothing like our girlfriends...without them where would we be!?

boomermom said...

Ah...yes...the future ya-ya generation...nothing like those girlfriends! They keep you sane! Love you sweetie!

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