Friday, October 9, 2009

Mini Chill Product Review

When I was approached by the makers of Mini Chill™ to review this product, I was more than skeptical. My skeptiscim was the perfect opportunity for me to provide a transparent and honest review, so I said "why not?!"  My husband is the king of energy drinks and I just like to stick to good old fashioned coffee. Energy drinks have nothing but junk in them. They provide a short burst of energy, then the guilt of consuming all of those empty calories and sugar. I'm not an afternoon coffee drinker. The caffiene is just too much and keeps me up until the wee hours of the morning making the next day even harder.

Mini Chill™ is a relaxation beverage which contains materials found in nature known to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and support a restful sleep. Mini Chill™ offers a way to reduce everyday anxiety and stress without interfering with a productive schedule. This little pick-me-up's four primary ingredients are natural, not chemical. Even better!

The first thing I have to rave about this product is that it actually does what it's supposed to do! The Mini Chill really is a "mini chill." It's a small 2 ounce pick-me-up that lasts all day long. And I really mean from the moment I drink it around 2:30, when the day starts dragging, until I go to bed around 11 pm. If you know anything about me, or have read my blog, you know I'm a chronic complainer of being "so tired!" When I drink the Mini Chill™ I don't even realize there's a change. It just happens. I'm suddenly able to focus without being stressed or distracted.

Another thing that really bothers me about the typical energy drink is that they just taste bad! The Mini Chill™ is so good! It's light and fruity and doesn't leave a chalky after-taste. You can drink it right out of the bottle with no refridgeration. Perfect for keeping in my desk drawer!

Whether it's at home, on the town, or during work everyone needs a chill. This is my new secret weapon! I keep a stash at work for that time of day when things seem to be dragging along and piling up. Sip on my Mini Chill™ and I'm good! You NEED to try this! I am very anti-energy drink and this is the right answer! The 2oz. "shots" retail for about $2.99 each and are available where ever you usually buy those 5 Hour Energy drinks.

To learn more about this amazing fast-acting and loooong-lasting mood and focus enhancing elixir, visit or follow them on Twitter @MiniChill!


Anonymous said...

Your post is really interesting and coincidentally I remarked to a co-worker yesterday that around 3:00pm is when my energy really start to take a nose-dive. I've got two more hours to work and this is when I feel the most unproductive. I'm definitely going to give this a try - especially since it has all natural ingredients!

I'll share this with all my friends at the hospital - especially the doctors and nurses on the hospital's committee that promote healthy eating, diet and exercise - they're going to love it!

Thank you for that fabulous post!

Lee said...

I was skeptical before I tried it too. It totally works, and fast!

Anonymous said...

Mad Mom, you are on the money with this one. I had lets say a difficult afternoon at work. I had a sample of mimichill that I was carrying around to drink at the right momemt. I drank it, it tasted pretty good, but most of all it worked. The rest of my day went well. Actually, I slept pretty good that night. I need to get my hands on more minichill.

Postal Oj

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