Friday, February 19, 2010

Cleveland is the Most Miserable City in the US

I woke up to a news flash this morning: Forbes Magazine had announce the country's most miserable cities and my hometown had grabbed the number 1 spot. The criteria for becoming the most miserable city were high unemployment rates, crime, corruption in local government, sports teams, and weather, among a few others.

Ok, yes, we have high unemployment. My family has experienced this firsthand. In the past two years, my husband has been laid off twice. The first time was only two months after our son was born. The second was just recently. The good news is that he's starting a new job on March 1st!

Anyway, our winters aren't terrible. Yes, they're cold, we get a lot of snow, ice, etc. But we do live in the northern hemisphere, so why is that a shock? Another thing that's not surprising is the corruption of government officials. I think it's just that these county officials got caught, and officials in other cities haven't... Yet... posted a great rebuttal to the miserable rating bringing up the fact that just last year Cleveland was named a top city for dating. In just one year we suddenly manage to go bipolar and switch from hot and sexy to miserable and depressed.

There are plenty of fun things to do in  Cleveland. We have the Rock Hall, the Warehouse District has lots of food and bars, nationally recognized world class health care, Playhouse Square, and a slew of great museums  just to name just a few.

While we do have high unemployment, foreclosure, and corruption rates, does that really classify a city as miserable?


Anonymous said...

Lol... I'm from Ohio. I think it's all what you do with what you've got but having said that... there are a lot of miserable people here.

Anonymous said...

I agree - There's foreclosures, high unemployment and crime EVERYWHERE!

The real thing about Cleveland being a miserable city are the corrupt county government politicians and the decades of Democrats who have lined their pockets - pay attention Cleveland, Massachusetts has managed to break free - now it's your turn!

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