Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I Am Phoenix" Hear Me Roar

UoP Always Takes the Blame for Lazy Asses

Yeah, so maybe it's not a Harvard, an Ohio State or even a Tri-C, but it's a fully accredited university. I too was sceptical when I took the bold step of re-entering college. If it weren't for my former boss giving the University of Phoenix such an awesome boost, I would have never even considered it.

After two years at my former job I realized that I couldn't go anywhere without my degree. I couldn't get a new job because I hadn't completed my bachelors (and at the time wasn't planning to) and my job wouldn't move me up because of the fact that I didn't have a degree. Even though they knew I'd be the right person for the Account Management position, the door was slammed in my face.

I went to see an enrollment counselor and a month later I was starting my new class. I was probably the youngest person in the class. That's ok. For some reason I have always gotten along better with people older than me. In all of my classes the last 2 1/2 years I've learned so much about the management field (my major) and how you apply the information learned to life. One of the things I like the most is that every student works. You all learn from eachothers experiences and the facilitators ("teachers") teach you from their real-world experience. I know one thing for sure is that my working experience has helped me apply much of what I learned which is why I am where I am today.

If I hadn't taken that marketing class at the right time (while working at the nursing home) I don't know if I'd have the opportunity to be working for such a great company. I have the coolest job ever. I'm the only one there who hasn't completed their degree yet, and I from what I understand the only one there who hadn't had a previous marketing role. At the nursing home I was more like "helping out" with the marketing - even though I did the entire marketing plan and get almost no credit for it... anyways...

I'm SO sick of people like this complaining about how they didn't learn from their teachers and they didn't get a real education. Well, if you did the work you would learn something from it. UoP teaches you the most recent trends in some very diverse industries. I sometimes wonder how I'll keep up with the working world after I graduate (aside from being bored to death by the business section of the Plain Dealer).

This person is also complaining that she stayed up until 2 am just to get through... HELLO?!!? You ARE in college, right? Isn't that how it's supposed to be? Ok, maybe I've never stayed up until 2 am but that's just because my sleep is very important to me. But I have experienced the stress of college life. And after it's all said and done I never have to go back! I'll finally have my degree. That little piece of paper that's cost me $40,000. *BARF*

That's just a quick run down of what really grinds my gears this morning.


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