Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toasty Buns

Well, this week was challenging... I had a pretty bad head cold (which I was finally able to kick just in time for the weekend) accompanied by a lovely case of larygitis. Meanwhile, I worked about 50+ hours and gave a two hour presentation. What's the one thing you hate to be when you have a cold? Being cold!

I'm such a freeze baby. The weather went from beautiful and warm fall weather, to typically cold Cleveland fall weather in the matter of a day. Cleveland is known for the weather changing at the drop of a hat. At lunchtime it's beautiful and sunny - just warm enough for the sun to heat up your car so you're good to go without a jacket. And by 5:00, it's cold again. The sun went away (of course because it's only ever nice outside when you're at work and unable to enjoy it) and now you need to warm up- and fast!
After having worked 11 hours with a cold, sniffles, and aches, I race out to the car in the light rain and fridgid temps. The heated seats warmed me up so quickly I didn't even have time to sit in the car and complain about how cold it had gotten!


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