Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pee Pee in the Pot-tay!

Today was an exciting day. We had a couple of our friends over last night to watch the Ohio State football game (don't even get me started on how bad we looked!). Our friends have a son who's just six months older than Josh (we'll call him B). It's amazing at how much six little months can make a difference. When they were younger - I would constantly compare Josh to B trying to see if he's "normal" and on track like the other kids... We all do it...

Well, B is potty training. We've seen that Josh is ready to start, but were introducing it slowly. He tells us he has to go, but is then afraid to actually sit on the pot. I think after "seeing" B use the potty yesterday (or seeing the praise he got when he was finished) sparked some motivation in Josh.

Shortly after I woke up, Josh said, "potty mommy." Of course, I was thinking, "ok, we'll go to the potty and he'll be afraid to do anything." I sat him down and waited... and waited... and waited...

He'd stand up and look in there, sit down again, stand up again. The third time he sat down, he stood up about 30 seconds later and said "all done." I, of course being the skeptical encouraging mother that I am, checked to see if any business was truly done.

To my surprise, there was actually pee in the potty! A celebration followed. I called my husband up the stairs, we hugged him and congratulated his accomplishment. Josh then just looked at me with a "so what" expression on his face. I could imagine him saying, "big deal, you pee in the potty every day and I don't give you a high five."

Now, I'm just hoping we can keep this going... Let the fun begin!


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